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Paeonia-Literatur A

AbdelHafez AA, M R Meselhy, N Nakamura, M Hattori, M A ElGendy, N M Mahfouz, T A Mohamed : New paeonilactone-A adducts formed by anaerobic incubation of paeoniflorin with Lactobacillus brevis in the presence of arylthiols CHEMICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN Vol. 49 Iss.7 P.: 918-920 (2001) (direct link to „Infotrieve“)

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The American Peony Society Garden Cornell Plantations

plant list:

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AndersonNO, EvansMR, WilkinsHF ++,1988, Evaluation of the Herbaceous Peony, Paeonia lactiflora Pall, for commercial Pot-Plant-Production,Hortiscience vol23:3 pp781-781 [(Abstract) Department of Horticultural Science and Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108 Peonies have been grown internationally for commercial cut flower production. 'Sarah Bernhardt' has been advertised in Holland on the cu; flower market for spring sales. Historically, clumps of tubers have been dug in the fall and forced under greenhouse conditions for cut flowers. The objective of this study was to evaluate the potential of peony cultivars for commercial pot plant production. Tubers received rooting (0, 2, 4 weeks) and Cooling (0, 4, 6 weeks) treatments. After cooling, plants were transferred to the greenhouse for .forcing. Subsequently, flower bud treatments were performed (terminal removal, lateral removal, no removal). GA3 was applied as a drench to determine whether GA3 could substitute for cooling. Days to emergence, days to first color, days to anthesis, height, flower diameter, number of shoots per pot and number of buds per pot were recorded. Plants receiving no cooling failed to emerge, whereas plants receiving GA3 or a minimum of 4 weeks cooling emerged.   Plants emerged sooner with increased cooling. Plant characteristics were affected by cultivar, length of cooling, and flower bud removal.]

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Ariga,1993, Die 160 schönsten Strauchpäonien, mit Beiheft in deutscher Übersetzung von F. Sondermann, Sendai, Herausgegeben von Wolfgang Linnemann, Bonn. Diese Broschüre mit 160 Farbphotos ist erhältlich über Wolfgang Linnemann, Bonn, und zur Zeit wahrscheinlich die einzige Publikation, mit der man sich einen bebilderten generellen Überblick über die japanischen Strauchpäonien verschaffen kann Ariga, 1993, The 160 best tree peonies. published in japanese, available with a german booklet, translated by F. Sondermann Sendai, edited by Wolfgang Linnemann, Bonn. This brochure is probably the only actually available pictured documentation of japanese tree peonies, after the large 'Book of Peonies in Modern Japan' by Hashida is out of print and sold out.

Arino,-K.; Mizukoshi,-Y.; Hatakeyama,-J. 1981, Propagation by leaf-bud cutting and development of the method by utilizing of rootingstocks in peony [Paeonia albiflora], 2: Propagation process of rootingstocks. Tohoku-Agricultural-Research (Japan). (Dec 1981). (no.29) p. 217-218.. (Japanese)

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title francais: (Plantes rares et en voie dedisparition)

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Paeonia-Literatur A