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Paeonia-Literatur 2005

Paeonia in the Mediterranean—Caucasus HONG De-Yuan May 7 2005

P. tenuifolia group

P. tenuifolia L. (1763)

Hairs on carpels red; leaf segments 1-2 mm wide.

P. biebersteiniana Rupr. (1869) (= P. tenuifolia var. P. biebersteiniana (Rupr.) Busch

Leaves gray, with bristles along veins above; flowers bright-red

Hairs on carpels yellow or whitish gray; leaf segments 3-5 mm wide

P. carthalinica Ketsk. (1959)

Leaves green, glabrous; flowers dark-purple

P. tenuifolia L. - A variable species

P. biebersteiniana and P. carthalinica were both treated as synonymy (Hong & Zhou: Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 143: 135-150. 2003)