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Paeonia-Literatur 2005

Paeonia in the Mediterranean—Caucasus HONG De-Yuan May 7 2005

Outline of Paeonia taxonomy

Sect. Moutan, eight species, all endemic to China

Sect. Onaepia, two species, Western part of the United States and N. Mexico (Baja California)

Sect. Paeonia, 22 spp., Eurasia & NW. Africa (Morocco & Algeria)

In the Caucasus: 13 species (Kemularia-Nathadze, 1961)

In “Flora Europaea”: 9 species (Akeroyd, 1993)

In NW. Africa two species, P. mascula & P. coriacea, no endemic species (Greuter & Burdet, 1982; Romo,1992)