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Paeonia-Literatur 2005

Paeonia in the Mediterranean—Caucasus HONG De-Yuan May 7 2005

Paeonia daurica Complex

P. mlokosewitschii Lomakin (1897)

P. lagodechiana Kem.-Nath. (1961)

P. wittmanniana Hartwiss ex Lidley (1869)

P. abchasica Miscz. ex Grossheim (1930)

P. macrophylla (Albov) Lomakin (1897)

P. steveniana Kem.-Nath. (1961)

P. tomentosa (Lomakin) Busch (1919)

P. caucasia (Schipcz.) Schipcz. (1937)

P. ruprechtiana Kem.-Nath. (1961)

      and a number of infraspecific taxa

The characters used: petal colour, leaf size & shape, and  indumentum of leaves and carpels, etc

Paeonia daurica complex

Variation in leaf size

Variation in leaf size

P. daurica Andrews in the Caucasus

subsp. mlokosewitschii

subsp. coriifolia

subsp. wittmanniana

subsp. macrophylla

subsp. tomentosa

Paeonia in the Caucasus

Conclusion: 3 spp. (not 13 spp.!)

P. tenuifolia L.

P. intermedia C. A. Mey. (= P. majko Ketsk.)

P. daurica Andrews with 5 subspecies Hong & Zhou; Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 143: 135-150, 2003)