F.C. Stern A Study of the Genus Paeonia

34. P.lactiflora Pallas var. trichocarpa (Bunge) F. C. Stern, comb. nov. in Jown. Roy. Hort. Soc. 68, 129 (1943).Syn. P.albiflora var. trichocarpa Bunge, Emm. PI. China Bor. Coll. 3 (1834), et in Mem. Sav. Etrang. St. Petersb. 2, 77 (1834) ; Maximowicz in Acta Horti PetroP.11,34(1890) ; Huth in Engl. Bot. Jahrb. 14,265 (1891) ; Schipczinsky in JVof. Syst. Herb. Hort. Bot. PetroP.2, 44 (1921) ; Makino & Nemoto, Nippon-Shokubutsu-S6ran (Fl. Jap.), Ed. a, P.331 (1931)-

Description. Differs from P.lactiflora in its hairy carpels.

Distribution. Known only in gardens. [end page 93]