F.C. Stern A Study of the Genus Paeonia

15. P.Russi var. Reverchoni Le Grand in Bull. Assoc. Franc. Bot. 2, no. 15, P.62 (1899) ; F.C.Stern in Journ.Roy.Hort.Soc. 68, 126 (1943).Syn. P.glabrescens Jordan in Jordan & Fourreau, Ic. Fl. EuroP.2, 38, t. 322 (1903).

Description. Differs from P.Russi by its glabrous carpels, and leaflets tomentose on the lower surface.

Distribution. corsica : Serra di Scopamene, near Sarthene, Reuerchon si8 (K). sardinia : Mount Limbardo, Reverchon 291 (K).

Paeonia Russi var. Reverchoni was described by Le Grand as follows :— " carpelles glabres comme dans le P.Corsica Sieb. mais feuilles pubescentes en-dessous, de meme forme que dans le Russi. Corse Serra di Scopamene."

This is another instance of two forms of a species growing in the same geographical area whose main distinction is the presence or absence of tomentum on the carpels. This paeony closely resembles P.Russi except that its carpels are glabrous ; the back of the leaves are tomentose while the undersides of the leaves of P.Russi are pilose. It is a tetraploid.

Collected plants have been grown at Highdown and flower in May. They appear to be perfectly hardy and of easy cultivation. The flowers are a light pink and are an attractive addition to the garden. [end page 65]







Russi leaf