John C. Wister, Editor

Wister JC (ed),1962,The Peonies. 2nd Printing 1995, American Peony Society

The Peonies

Histories of the Herbaceous Peonies

The Early History of Peony Growing

The Early History of the American Peony Society

The Early Development of Hybrid Peonies

(Silvia Saunders: The Work of Prof A.P.Saunders)

Literature cited

List of Breeders, Growers, Nurseries, Etc.

List of Recommended Varieties

Histories of the Tree Peonies

The Chinese Type

The Japanese Type

The Delavay Group

Bibliography and References

List of Explorer, Botanists, Introducers, Originators, Nurserymen, and Dealers, Who Worked With or Wrote About Tree Peonies