Paeonia 'Antigone'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]


Daphnis (48)

ANTIGONE BC 2 (Daughter of Aedipus) (Nassos Daphnis, New York), August 24, 1995. Seedling number D-508, parentage D-403 BC X (Moutan) Red Rance 1. First year bloomed 1992. Hybrid, golden yellow single. The color is like pure gold. Petals look so precious and fragile, like something to look at but not to touch. Stamens, good substance, reliable, pollen, no seeds and no fragrance. One bud per stem. Good stem strength, grows 4-5 ft. in height, blooms late May. Light green foliage, good vigor. Amount of bloom varies (10-20). Colored slide. Bulletin #296.


Flower type: Tree Peony—Single to Semi-double

Plant zone(s): 4-8

Bloom time: Mid

Hybridizer: Nassos Daphnis

Blossom color like pure gold whose petals look so precious and fragile that one feels they are only to gaze upon and not touch

Antigone. (Daughter of Oedipus). Daphnis. 1995. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Single, purest of gold and cream, flushed with pink, with small red flares at center. Green stigmas and light pink sheath. Red stamens. Waxy light yellow anthers. A fast growing plant that has shiny thick foliage. Makes many ground shoot stems. Grows to about 3' in Wisconsin. Stems are often killed during very cold winters, but regrow from below ground to quickly recover and bloom. Suitable for landscaping in controlled areas. No pollen, will set seed with many pollination attempts using an advanced generation pollen donor. (D-403 BC x suffruticosa 'Red Rance 1')

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