P. albiflora var. whitleyi Anderson

Trans. Linn. Soc. London, 12, 259 1818

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

cultivar of P. lactiflora

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Paeoniaceae - Paeonia albiflora x whitleyi

Paeoniaceae - Paeonia albiflora x whitleyi
From: The garden. An illustrated weekly journal of horticulture in all its branches by William Robinson (editor).
London, 1889, July - December, volume 36, plate 708. Chromolithograph by Guillaume Severeyns after painting by H.G. Moon (sheet 287 x 223 mm). Text enclosed.

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"All gardeners owe an infinite debt of gratitude to William Robinson - founder of The Garden (1871-1927) and Flora and Sylva (1903-05), and author of The English Flower Garden (1883, etc.) and other works - who helped to break the tyranny of formal bedding and, like Ruskin, drew attention to the beauties of the wild garden. Among the artists whom he employed was Henry Moon, who struck a new and personal, if not entirely healthy, note in botanical illustration. …" (Blunt & Stearn). From 1880 Henry George Moon’s plant portraits dominated the pages of The Garden, a popular horticultural publication. Renowned for his lifelike paintings of orchids, Moon appealed to Robinson because of his ability to sketch flowers in a graceful, naturalistic style. The subtle colourings of his paintings and simple arrangement of flowers were very unlike the more stylised renderings that appeared in competitors’ publications. The beautiful colour-plates were lithographed and printed by the Belgian firm G. Severeyns and its successor J.L. Goffart, notable for their craftmanship.
* Blunt & Stearn pp. 239-240; Nissen BBI 2264; BPH 391-10.

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33. P.lactiflora Pallas, Reise, 3, 286 (1776). Syn. .....P.albiflora var Whitleyi Anderson in Trans. Linn. Soc. 12, 259 (1818). ...

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