Paeonia 'Angelo Cobb Freeborn'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

Parentage: Officinalis rubra Plena x Mme. Jules Dessert.



ANGELO COBB FREEBORN (Freeborn, 1943) - Double - Red - Midseason. Tall. Unusual coral-red carried on tall stems with clean foliage. Lasts a long time, giving vivid color to the garden. Mrs. Freeborn describes it "shrimp pink". Officinalis x albiflora. Bulletin 91. Albiflora x officinalis. List in Bulletin 91. List in Bulletin 129.

Josef Halda 1998:

ANCELO COBB FREEB0RN Double hybrid of unusual color. Very attractive. Coral-red flowers carried on tall stems. Foliage is clean and healthy. Flowers last a long time in the garden, giving lasting color. Very few flowers of this color are to be seen in peonies. We feel it takes a few years for this variety to get established before it blooms in its true color.

Nicholls Gardens (1999):

ANGELO COBB FREEBORN (Freeborn 43) Hybrid, coral red double flowers are carried on tall stems with clean foliage. Blooms last for a long time. Early.

ANGELO COBB FREEBORN (Freeborn, 1943). (Lactiflora x Officinalis). (Double). Crosse boule tuyautée rosé corail carminé. De bonne hauteur, c'est une plante excellente dont la fleur dure longtemps. H. 1 m.

Svetlana Poperechnaya 2006:

(D R E Hybrid) A tall peony which bears flowers of an unusual bright coral red color.  The flower lasts an unusually long time in the garden.

Wilhelm de Wilde 2007

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