Paeonia 'Laurel Hill Lavendar Pearls'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [Suffruticosa without specification]

LAUREL HILL LAVENDAR PEARLS (Max Reehir, Ro-Ma-Ru Gardens) Seedling # LHQ. Single Suffruticosa. Parentage unknown. Seed collected by Mr. Reeher. First bloomed 1988. Flower is a bold lavender with darker flares. Single to semi-double with stamens, pollen and seeds. Fragrant. One bud per stem, reliable. Very good amount of bloom. Good stem strength, 4 to 4V2. Early April 10-15 bloom. Thick foliage of dark green. The bloom fits on top of foliage all across the plant. Handsome and very vigorous plant. Pictured on page 47, Horticulture Magazine, May 2001. Registration, Richard Rogers, Sherwood, Oregon(Registered in APS Bulletin 321/March 2002)

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